(Writer, Director, Actor, Producer)

Richard Green is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts. He subsequently attended NYU Graduate Film School prior to working for the Public Theater on the staff of script development. As a musician he has worked with an amazing assortment of internationally known jazz and rock players and arrangers.

As an actor, He played the Magician in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive and occasional appearances on TV including West Wing and many others.

He maintains a high profile career in the low profile voice-over game with clients ranging from Coke to Nike. His writing/directing credits include theater, episodic TV, a successful series of commercials, numerous produced screenplays and music.

He is executive producer on David Lynch Presents, A Next Step Studios production, I Don't Know Jack - the unsolved life and homicide of Eraserhead star, Jack Nance.

7 Year ZigZag is his first feature as writer/director

Robin Banks
(Dream Girl / Music producer)

Robin Banks was born in Omaha and raised in Colorado. Robin Banks performed her first solo at the age of three. This early start led to years in theater, dance and numerous musical groups; spanning the gamut between classical and jazz to rock n' roll. After returning from Boston, where she attended Berklee School of Music, Banks studied acting and made enough money to attempt the nonstop trip to Los Angeles to pursue both an acting and musical career.

Making her first feature film debut in 7 Year ZigZag, Banks next project is the independent release her new CD.


Donna Du Bain

A founding member of "The Groundlings" and "The Spolin Players," an L.A. based comedy improv group. She has also performed at The Improvisation, Laugh Factory, Gio's and Zephyr Theater She was last seen on the LA stage in the west coast premiere of Lines of Communication, with the exception of her directing duties, such as an original play by Pat Sawyer, Lovable Blonde Seeking.

Always at the forefront of independent filmmaking, Du Bain's work at the American Film Institute began as an assistant to the Institute's director, Antonio Vellani, and would later include coordinating the Independent Filmmaker Program, organizing the Academy's Internship program and the developing the Directing Workshop for Women.

Joining Next Step Studios in 1998, Du Bain is the executive producer of the independent documentary "David Lynch presents 'I Don't Know Jack'" a film about Jack Nance, the charismatic and unique actor that portrayed the signature character in Lynch's groundbreaking 1977 film, "Eraserhead."


The ZigZag Band

The ZigZag Band Mixing the hot swing rhythms of the 30' and 40's with the instrumentation and tech of today, the ZigZag Band is in the forefront of the contemporary new-swing movement. Standards, originals, scat, soulful ballads and irresistible dance beats are wailed on horns, lead guitars, drums, bass and keyboards.

Lineups range between 4 and 14 players and often feature hot swing dancers on stage. Since it's first inception in 1980, when it opened the legendary Vine St. Bar and Grill, the ZigZag Band (a.k.a. The Next Step) has played the world attracting an eclectic array of international jazz and rock musicians including: Richard Green (founder), Red Callendar, Grover Mitchell, Lee Thornburg, Miriam Cutler, Greg Poree, David Jackson, Jerry Jumenville, Dwight Dinan, Ian Stewart, Chris Blackwell, Doug Boyle, Chris Marshall, Dean Parks, Jonathan Wolfe, Barry Saperstein, Anne Farnsworth, Brantly Kearns, Kenton Youngstrom, Phil Ranelin, Ann King, Louis Taylor and Red Young amongst many others. Bandleader Richard Green, the lead singer, has a unique sound you may recognize from the numerous voiceovers his does for radio and TV. His acting credits include the Magician in the new David Lynch film Mulholland Drive.

As a director he is credited with over 30 TV spots and the soon to be released feature motion picture 7 Year ZigZag...a Film in Rhyme and Swing which includes 14 of the band's original tunes. Richard Green and the ZigZag Band are noted for turning any room they play into the ZigZag Club where the musicians are hot, the party is wild and the improvisation as exciting as a tightrope walker on the high wire.


(Sequence Director/Script Consultant)

A gifted actor, writer and director, Jonathan Schmock is probably best known as one half of the comedy team, "The Funny Boys." Schmock and partner James Valleley continue to write and perform today.

As a film actor, Schmock has appeared in films such as "Some Kind of Wonderful," "City of Industry" and gave a memorable performance as the 'snooty' Maitre'd in Matthew Broderick's break-out film, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." He has made countless guest appearances in TV series that include "Golden Girls," the "The Geena Davis Show," "My Wife and Kids" and "Push Nevada".

Expanding his repertoire, Schmock has also written and directed episodes of ABC's hit sitcom, "Dharma & Greg," as well as directing and producing the AMC series "The Lot" and creating ABC's "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch".


Company Profile

Next Step Studios is a Los Angeles based independent production company with ten years of low budget production in commercials, promos, movies and TV. Their first two feature films, 7 Year ZigZag...a Film in Rhythm and Rhyme and David Lynch Presents - I Don't Know Jack (a documentary about the star of Eraserhead) are currently on the festival circuit. They are now in development on several feature film and TV projects. Richard Green, managing director, is an international voiceover artist. His on screen work includes the Magician in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. Donna Du Bain, producer, is a founding member of The Groundlings. She is a producer and co-executive producer on the documentary, I Donąt Know Jack.

7Year ZigZag... A Film in Rhythm and Rhyme Produced by Richard Green/Donna DuBain Written and directed by Richard Green 35mm USA - Running time 82:56 7 Year ZigZag is a highly unusual film. Entirely in rhyme, it is the sometimes sexy, sometimes funny, always true and intriguing story of a heroic struggle for love and success. Presented on 35mm, it was produced using a wide array of multi-media elements including the extensive and innovative use of archival film footage, extraordinary "living storyboards" and a wall to wall music soundtrack played by internationally renown jazz and rock musicians.

David Lynch Presents A Next Step Studios Production I Don't Know Jack Exec. Producers- Richard Green/Donna DuBain Directed by Chris Leavens USA - Running time 91:02 Jack Nance, made famous as the star of David Lynch's first film "Eraserhead" lived a life which baffled his friends, relatives and some say himself. I Don't Know Jack is a fascinating documentary on the life, career and brutal death of a pop cult icon as told by those who worked with him and loved him. The film contains exclusive rare footage. stills and interviews with David Lynch, Dennis Hopper, (Log Lady) Catherine Coulson and many others. Winner Best Actor for Jack Nance (posthumously) Kansas City Film Festival.



Raised in the heartland of Erie, Pennsylvania, editor Michael Wargo has expertly managed the daunting task of compiling and focusing the story of Richard Green in this film.

Wargo's first work is made up primarily of independent, short films that he and writer/director Chris Leavens created, such as "Mountains on the Moon," "Maya," "Willard Junior" and "A Work in Progress". A relative newcomer,

Wargo is also responsible for editing Leavens' ground breaking film "David Lynch Presents 'I Don't Know Jack'," a documentary about Jack Nance, the charismatic and unique actor that portrayed the signature character in Lynch's groundbreaking 1977 film, "Eraserhead."


Dermott Downs, Cynthia Pushek, Alexander Szuch, cinematographers, collectively work in every aspect of film and video from TV to feature films.

Webolution#9: Soundscape, is a collaboration of Alex Blanc and Robin Banks. As producers their highly unusual work ranges from music to web design.

Dinan and Green: songwriters have created over 30 tunes together and began their collaboration with the original Next Step Movie, of which 7 Year ZigZag tells the story. Their song, Seamy Side of LA was recently featured in the motion picture Burn, Hollywood, Burn.

Tim Emmons (club music director) When he's not busy providing soundtracks to popular movies and television shows such as "The Simpsons,
" "Mulan," and "Dawsonąs Creek," Emmons finds time to lay down tracks with R&B legend Chico DeBarge and D.J. Quik.